Wednesday, 7 July 2021

50+ Romantic Life Partner Status for Whatsapp

Let romanticism be your only religion and love be the only attribute in your life. For two love birds, the love bubble they create in which they live is the entire world and the only language they talk about is romance. To add some sugar, spice, and everything nice in your relationship, we have jotted down some of the loveliest life partner status for Whatsapp and cute relationship status. These romantic life partner status will add happiness in the every fiber of your life partner’s life and cheer up the spirit.

Romantic life partner status for whatsapp;

Best Life Partner Status

"Life becomes a spectacular journey when someone has a supporting and understandable life partner like you."


"I pray to god to endows you as my life partner for the rest of all my upcoming lives. You are the best damn special thing that ever happened to me."


"Two things give profound meaning to your life: work and life partner. I found one a long time ago and I find the latter right now!"


"I want my life partner to be caring and loyal instead of rich and powerful. Luckily, you are exactly the same I wanted my life partner to be."


"One of the best things in life is when your life partner gives a great amount of love and attention to you without any expectations."


"A life partner not only adds meaning to your life but also gives his/her share of happiness, good luck, and opulence. I am so lucky to have a life partner like you in my life!"


"One thing I am sure about you is you will never ever betray my trust. You understand the value of our relationship and do whatever it takes to make me smile."


"Life partners are like torchbearers to each other. Both shows the path to each other and are ready to hold back when there is an obstruction in life."


"Every girl loves to get spoiled and pampered by her life partner. Chocolates, flowers, exotic locations, wild love, are some of the things that are perfect to spoil your girl."


"My breath stops the very moment you get out of my vision. Not only you are my life partner but also the nucleus of my life. I love you, sweetheart."


"As long as I am alive, I know you will never let a single threat come towards me. I know only you can support me in all walks of life. I am so blessed to have you as my lovely life partner!"


"You are the shining star, the soft teddy bear, and the apple cake of my life. Life without your presence is nothing more than a dead affair.


Not a single moment comes when you leave my heart and the mind. My every breath comes out with your name and my closes eyes dream only about you. Love you so much, my crazy life partner!"


Caring Life Partner Status

 "The way you take care of me like a baby makes me forget all the worries in my mind. Having such a caring life partner like you is a matter of pride for me. Love you, my life partner!"


"Every page of the book of my life you can read in my eyes. And all the chapters talk only about your love and care. I will never give up on your love."


"You don’t need all the worldly treasures when you have a life partner who can fight against the entire world for you. He/she is the real treasure you must cherish till the end."


"The relationship with a life partner grows when you shower unconditional love and make unexpected sacrifices for each other."


"A lively and quarrelsome relationship and life partner is way better than the perfect and boring one."


"If you can’t stay trustworthy to your partner, at least don’t hurt him."


"A caring life partner always loves you more than himself and can sacrifice his life for the sake of saving the relationship."


"Genuine care by your life partner is way greater than the fake concerns of 1000 close people."


"The basis of any unflinching and strong relationship is unsolicited care and affection for each other. I am glad to have you as my better half!"


"The sign a loyal and caring life partner -- He never judges you on the basis of your messed up past. He loves you for who you are."


"In a relationship, money is never the reason for its fall down. It’s the lack of care, concern, and affection that hampers the growth of a relation."


"It takes nothing to leave the person you love. However, It takes everything to nurture the years of relation and maintain love and reverence for each other. I love you, my life partner!


The day people start giving preference to the nature of a person over beauty is the day everyone can see the glimpse of god in their partner."


You are The Best Life Partner Status

"I am content, blissful, and financially stale today because of the support, care, and guidance of my lovely life partner. You are the best one I could ever have."


:Don’t wait for the special person to arrive. Just fall in love with the right person and he/she will automatically become special for you. Hey sweetheart, you are the best life partner I could ask for."


"You share everything with me, be it your personal matters, income, love, or hurdles. The transparency you maintain in the relationship is the reason there is no envy and grudges between us. Thank you god for giving me the best life partner!"


"I ask for little things and you shower the entire world’s happiness on me. You are an angel in the form of a life partner with me."


"In a quest for finding myself, I found the best life partner that I would never leave at any cost. Thank you darling for sprinkling happiness and smile in my life."


"The best type of relationship is when your life partner also becomes your best friend. It is the ultimate form of relationship you can have with your life partner."


"Find someone who can share everything with you even when he has nothing. The greatness lies in giving when you have nothing to give. I love you, my sweet life partner!"


"I always wanted someone who is ready to share all the highs and lows of life. Luckily, I got you who give me joy but take all my pain. You are the gist of my life, lovely life partner."


"The strength of any relationship is determined by how strongly your partner backs up when someone is bitching about you and when you are in a tumultuous situation."


I also to spend every moment of my life with you because you make every moment so ethereal and magnificent for me. Cheers to the best life partner!

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