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100+ Best Single Life Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

In a world where virtual platforms and dating apps have made finding a potential matter easier, being single is considered as an outcast. However, single life has its own benefits and greater degree of freedom as well. You can live life on your own terms, you are not liable to answer anyone, and you can flirt with whoever you want.

Keeping in mind the awesome state of single-hood, we have compiled a crispy and quirky collection of best single life status for Whatsapp and single life attitude status for boys and girls that will make you adore your ‘single status’ and you will surely feel proud being single.

Cool single life status for Whatsapp

Single Life Status for Whatsapp

“Sometimes, being single is not the matter of chance. It is the matter of choice. I love my single life!”


“The best part of being single; you don’t have someone to annoy or pull your legs all the time. Single life is peaceful life!”


“If you know how to stay happy alone, you have reached the dangerously and exciting level called ‘awesomeness’.”


“Most of the couples considered single individuals as pathetic and loners. However, the truth is single people are happy in their solitude.”


“If you don’t how to love yourself by staying single, you can’t love your partner when you are committed. Learn to enjoy single life!”


“I am single because there is yet to born someone who can match my coolness and intelligence.”


“If you are single right now, it means god wants you to be single so that you can learn the due lessons. Embrace single life!”


“In a world full of fake and virtual relationships, being single takes a lot of guts and self respect. Be single instead of being in a toxic relationship!”


“I don’t need any baby, because I am happy and crazy alone.”


“If you think being in a relation completes your life, it means you don’t have courage to face trials and tribulations of life alone. Being single is a damn luxury!”


“When you have a plethora of money to splurge, every will try to change your status from single to committed.”


“Being single doesn’t means I am available to date any random stranger. I am single because I don’t like to get disturbed.”


“Hey baby, you want to date me? Just wait! Because I am in no mood to change my single status.”


“When you are single, you have so much time to pursue anything and become great in that. Spend your single time wisely!”


“Today, I have decided to change my ‘single’ status to ‘forever single’. Stay single if you want to be rich and happy.”


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Single Life Status for Facebook

“I am single because I don’t need someone else support and sympathy to carry on my life. Single life is so peaceful and joyous!”


“I don’t need love and relationship to enjoy my life. I need free Wi-Fi and unlimited cash to rock my world.”


“Somebody asked me, would choose the hottest woman on the planet or 1 million dollars? I said, from where to collect the money? Single life is rocking life!”


“It is sagacious of a person to stay alone and single than to be in a fake and toxic relationship.”


“I don’t need a partner to talk to someone all the time. I often talk to myself for great pieces of advice.”


“If you have read fairy tale stories well, it is mandatory to have a king on thorn not the queen. Being single is the most awesome life you can live.”


“Just because I am living a single life doesn’t mean I need anyone’s help to keep going on. My actions and money talk for me.”


“Single people thinks couples are living a beautiful life. Married couples wish they could be single again to get total freedom from blabber.”


“Being in a relationship is not a genuine affair anymore. Entering in a relation has become a status symbol and for the sake of social media engagement. Thank goodness I am single.”


“The number one reason I am still single is because I don’t want someone to control my life and manipulate me.”


“If you think you can get anyone in your life, I put you attitude under my shoes. I am the king of single life.”


“According to a research, staying single and productive for a long time boost your bank balance and makes you desirable for most of the women.”


“Single doesn’t always means lonely and being in a relation doesn’t always means in love.”


“Roses are read, leaves are green, staying single is my choice, what do you mean?”


“One of the biggest advantages of being single is you don’t have the fear to be cheated on.”


“I am born single and no one has the power to change that status.”


Single Life Attitude Status

“Life is so carefree and blabber free when you are single and earning well. Stay single, earn well, and say no to girls.”


“Yes, I am single for a long time. It doesn’t mean anyone is welcome to alter that status.”


“A married man has to think while drinking a beer. A single man remains in confusion which beer to drink next?”


“I used to be in a relationship. My girlfriend and I decided to play hide and seek one day. Since then, she has never been able to find me out. LOL!”


“The status of being single seems more enjoyable when you have defined goals and plans to savor your life.”


“Someone said to me, you are so handsome why you are still single? I said, not everyone can afford a Lamborghini.”


“I am not single intentionally. My standards are quite high which no girl can match.”


“Who said I am single and available? I am deeply, madly, and totally in relationships with my work and travel life.”


“I wish Facebook had some option of changing of ‘single’ status to ‘happily single’.”


“Kids have girlfriends, wimpy men marry, but legendary characters always stay singles.”


“Sometimes, being single for a long time is God’s way of saying there is something better in your destiny.”


“For boys, the best part about being single is they don’t have to worry about cleanliness and order of the room.”


“My friends ask me, why you are single? I ask them, why all of you are in relationships?”


“From baby to blocked, that’s how I welcomed my singe life and it’s smooth as hell.”


“Why fall in a relationship when you can fall in love with your play station?”

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Single Life Status for Girls

“Dear boys, we girls don’t use makeup and wear elegant dresses to impress you guys. We do it to make other girls jealous.”


“I am single because being in relationship with a stinky guy makes me vomit.”


“I am single because I am strong and independent enough to control my life and make my decisions.”


“Boys have misunderstanding that girls need someone around them all the time. We love to live life on our own terms and conditions.”


“If you don’t have ex and not planning for any next, your single life is the best.”


“Staying single has its own perks. You can burp and fart loudly without getting embarrassed.”


“For a girl, being single for a long time is also a headache. People think no one is interested in you. Damn, I am interested in myself!”


“I am single and I will stay single. Dear boys, please go away from the next lane.”


“I am single and always ready to mingle, but only with my goals and work.”


“I don’t have time to utter baby, sweetheart, my love because I am in love with my solitude.”


“I am single. This is not by chance but by choice.”


“The moment I give a thought to enter in a relationship, my alter ego says, are you stupid or drunk?”


“My boyfriend is super dashing but also no-existent. Because I love myself.”


“I prefer to stay alone and single because my mind doesn’t allow me to be in a relationship with anyone else.”


“The recipe for a great life: stay away from boys and stay close to your inner self.”


Single Life Status for Boys

“The problems is not that I am single. The problem is, single life is so addictive that  I don’t like people around me.”


“I am single for a long time doesn’t means I don’t know anything about love and compassion.”


“I like being solo because I live by the concept of YOLO.”


“If you want couples to respect you, just prove them you are happy and prospering by staying single.”


“My heart is quite big but the problem is its rent is too high to afford by anyone. Being single is a luxury to me.”


“Staying single is quite beneficial because no one has the power to manipulate your emotions and control your heart.”


“It takes a wonder woman to change by relationship status from single to committed.”


“There are a few things in life that can only be done in solace. Respect your single hood and let no one disturb your privacy.”


“I am not single at all. I am in a long term relationship with my books, freedom, and job.”


“One million dollar for any girl who can dare to change my single-hood status.”


“I am happy that I am single. Not for anyone but for myself. When you are successful, even you get respect being single.”


“The benefit of being single; no one can ditch you and use your resources.”


“My single-hood doesn’t means I lack something. It means I didn’t find someone who can complement me well.”


“Being single for a long time simply means you are taking ample time to decide who is worthy enough to stay in your life.”


“I am looking for a girl whose charm has power to change my ‘single’s status to ‘in a relationship’.”


Funny Single Life Status

“2010 - I am looking for a girlfriend.  

2021 -  I am still looking for a girlfriend”


“Being single is so relaxing because it’s better to be broke alone than broke with someone.”


“Not all men are smart. Some of them are in relationships.”


“I dare any girl to change my single status into the committed one. The winner will get me as a trophy.”


“The reason I love being single is because I can same wear same t-shirt again and again, and nobody is there to comment about it.”


“Whenever I feel sad in life, I see couples out there and I suddenly feel happy”


“If you want to lose your friends, force them to marry. “


“When you are single, you can go home at what time you want and sleep wherever you want while being drunk like a skunk.”


“It’s better to stay single and eat home made pasta than to be in a relationship and eat at Barbeque Nation.”


“When you are single, the dating apps are your playground and you can play the game without any rules.”

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