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60+ Lager than Life Beer Puns for Instagram

It is next to impossible for us to not create puns on the favorite beverage in the world - Beer. A pint of beer can turn two harshest enemies into close friends. A conversation over a glass of beer can produce ingenious and life-changing ideas that you couldn’t find alone. While holding all the love and respect for the beer, we have carved some of the most bar-raising beer puns for Instagram and beer puns ideas that are lager than life.


Beer Puns Ideas


1. You are responsible for your actions. Now beer the consequences!


2. I don’t like group hugs. I like group chugs.


3. One has to make his reputation as lager as possible.


4. No one can beer the spine-chilling cold of the Antarctica.


5. Brew it, let’s do it.


6. With your great performance, you have raised the bar higher for everyone.


7. What’s that one thing a person can do perfectly after drinking a lot of beer? Wobbling


8. If you keep doing this, I will wallop you for sure.


9. All you care about is the pub-licity of your organization.


10. This re-pub-lic day I am going to take a pledge to keep my city clean.


11. Where there is a will, there is a bar. And where there is a bar, I surely drink.


12.  He has the guts to go ale (all) alone in this scary place.


13. What’s the point of living lager if you don’t have a big heart?


14. I don’t like to roast that’s why I prefer to toast beer.


15. Because of excess beer I have started having deja-brew.


16.  You have no right to con-pint me in this place without my consent.


17. He is one of my best suds since my high school days.


18. Don’t trust him. He is a big-time hop-purtunist.


19. No matter how hard I work, all my efforts go in vine.


20. For beer lovers, Beer-stagram is more preferred than Instagram.


21. I wish you were beer with me in my bad times.


22. I don’t do thumbs up. I do bottoms up.


23. Happiness is an age-old concept. I chase hoppiness.


24. Beer lovers have one advantage over whisky and wine drinkers. They don’t have to rely on openers.


25. Whatever I have brewed in my life, I have brewed it for you.


26. I don’t like salty babes. I like malty babes.


27. What is the most heinous crime that can happen in front of a beer lover? Spilling of beer.


28. Cheers come from my eyes when I heard her struggle story.


29. In animals, I find rein-beer quite fascinating and feral.


30. Life is so brewtiful when you have a carton of beer by your side.


31. He has heard everything clearly from beer to beer.


32. As they say, a beer a day keeps the drinker’s alive.


33. Listen dear, I barely have any hops from you. For me, you are non-existent.


34. You pint me so hard. It’s still hurting.


35. I am the kind of person who can malt according to every situation.


36. I am so afraid of Heineken (hurricane)predicted by weather department.


37. Name a beer who can be a good friend and intelligent as well? Budweiser.


38. I am Tuborg (too-bored) to try anything new in life.


39. Your beer (sheer) power is required alone to bring the needed changes.


40. Kissing a hot girl is similar to chugging a damn fine beer in one breath. Both are love!


41. I am stout (about) to start drinking. Do you wanna join me?


42. In my opinion, the biggest hero is someone who never wastes a single drop of beer.


43. To foster your career growth, you must focus on studying seriously.


44. Do you think I am not ca-pub-le to pass this simple examination?


45. He is one of the finest bar-rister I have ever known.


46. I don’t like people who vine all the time. I like people who drink beer and dine fine.


47. Beer is perhaps the only beverage that doesn’t give you the feeling of drinking a beverage. It’s a universal drink.


48. Why mathematicians don’t drink beer while solving a complex integral problem? They can’t drink and derive.


49. How to make sure your husband babysit on Friday without going out with buddies? Give him a case of beer.


50. Beer…because it won’t make you whine about anything.


51. Roses are red, the sky is blue, hold my beer, and let me loo.


52. However says happiness cannot be found in small things hasn’t held a pint of chilled beer till yet.


53. Last night, I drank so much that I puke ale on my girlfriend!


54. You can’t please everyone, you are not a beer.


55. Without a stout, beer is the best beverage of all time.


56. I was so drunk that I read Vincent Van Gogh as Vincent vine Gogh.


57. There is always two suds (sides) of every opinion and situation.


58. A person should be like a pint of beer. Chilled all the time.


59. If God doesn’t want us to drink beer, he wouldn’t let the man create it in the first place.


60. I said yes to the marriage because of beer (peer) pressure.

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

30+ Endearing Happy Birthday Mom Captions for Instagram

Is your mother’s birthday on the cusp of arrival and you want to let the whole world know? There is no better platform than Instagram to wish her with trendy hashtags and cool happy birthday captions. So, keeping in the mind the platform and your mother, we have chalked out some exciting and attention-grabbing birthday captions for mom Instagram and funny birthday captions for mother that will make your birthday wishes stand apart from the rest.


Happy birthday captions for mother

Cute Birthday Captions for Mom Instagram


1. In a world full of selfish people, your mother is the most selfless individual you will ever find. Happy birthday mom!


2. If father is synonymous with watchful protector, a mother is synonymous with God. Yes, my mother is God to me. Happy birthday to my beautiful mother!


3. Swag, charm, kindness, all I got from you, mama. Wishing happy birthday to the one dearest to my heart!


4. Mama, I am usually right here for you. I need to make your birthday very unique, simply as you do each day of my life. Mommy, my love, have a frisky birthday!


5. Mom simply remember… The older you get, the better you become like a damn fine wine, Unless you're a vinegar!Best Birthday Wishes to you Mom!


6. Have a marvellous and thrilling birthday, Mom! You provide greater than I deserve and without any conditions and expectations in return.


7. Here is an enigmatic paper note for you. Give it to daddy. It reads ‘ happy birthday and your day off! Daddy is going to  manage all the chores today.


8. As long as you are by my side, I can fight with all the demons alone. Happy birthday mother, my biggest strength!


9. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my super Mom!” You ignite the candles on my cake in every birthday memory I have.


10. More than a mother, you are my dearest friend and the stringent mentor. Life without you is worthless. Happy birthday, my frenzy yet cute mommy!

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Short Birthday Captions for Mother


11. Who needs God when you have a mother to fulfill that role. Happy birthday, mom!


12. You are your mom’s creation. Never feel worthless. Happy birthday to the sweetest mom ever!


13. Mother, I don’t have to look for solutions because you know everything. Happy birthday to my super mommy!


14. Where there is you, there is hope and liveliness. I love you mommy and happy birthday!


15. Happy birthday to the most glittering and the wisest woman I know. Seize the day!


16. More than a mother, greater than a friend, what a perfect blend! Happy birthday, mother!


17. Even the life with dearth of everything seems good when you have a mother to put your head on her lap. Happy birthday, my world!


18. My life has only one rule; my mother is always right. In case she is wrong, her wrong is also right for me.


19. God is great but my mother is ultimate. You are all the multiverses for me mother. Happy birthday to you!


20. You are the one and only person who taught me the meaning of true and unconditional love. My best birthday wishes are with you!


Funny Birthday Captions for Mom


21. A mother is like a heartbeat except one difference. Heartbeats stop one day but a mother never. Happy birthday to the never relaxing engine of our family.


22. Sometimes, my mother smile is so frightening that it stops mine. Jokes apart, happy birthday mother!


23. A mother’s birthday celebration is all about my father’s doing all the household chores from dusk to dawn. Happy birthday mommy!


24. A mother is the only person in front of whom all the logic of the world fails terribly.


25. If you think Halloween costumes are scary, see my mother when she is angry. Happy birthday, my crazy lady!


26. Only a mother can make you eat home made food even on birthdays.


27. Mothers of other kids expect exorbitant things on her birthday. My mother wants me to bring the best toilet cleaner, vacuum cleaner, and cleaning brushes on her birthday.


28. If you think life is unfair to you, every time I cry my mother brings me closer with affection and slap 2 more times. Happy birthday to the craziest mom!


29. The only thing I don’t dare doing in life is changing the t.v channel while mother is watching her favorite show. Wishing happy birthday to my lovely mommy!


30. Happiest birthday to the mother who is dexterous, beautiful, independent but can’t put step on escalator on her own.

50+ Romantic Life Partner Status for Whatsapp

Let romanticism be your only religion and love be the only attribute in your life. For two love birds, the love bubble they create in which they live is the entire world and the only language they talk about is romance. To add some sugar, spice, and everything nice in your relationship, we have jotted down some of the loveliest life partner status for Whatsapp and cute relationship status. These romantic life partner status will add happiness in the every fiber of your life partner’s life and cheer up the spirit.

Romantic life partner status for whatsapp;

Best Life Partner Status

"Life becomes a spectacular journey when someone has a supporting and understandable life partner like you."


"I pray to god to endows you as my life partner for the rest of all my upcoming lives. You are the best damn special thing that ever happened to me."


"Two things give profound meaning to your life: work and life partner. I found one a long time ago and I find the latter right now!"


"I want my life partner to be caring and loyal instead of rich and powerful. Luckily, you are exactly the same I wanted my life partner to be."


"One of the best things in life is when your life partner gives a great amount of love and attention to you without any expectations."


"A life partner not only adds meaning to your life but also gives his/her share of happiness, good luck, and opulence. I am so lucky to have a life partner like you in my life!"


"One thing I am sure about you is you will never ever betray my trust. You understand the value of our relationship and do whatever it takes to make me smile."


"Life partners are like torchbearers to each other. Both shows the path to each other and are ready to hold back when there is an obstruction in life."


"Every girl loves to get spoiled and pampered by her life partner. Chocolates, flowers, exotic locations, wild love, are some of the things that are perfect to spoil your girl."


"My breath stops the very moment you get out of my vision. Not only you are my life partner but also the nucleus of my life. I love you, sweetheart."


"As long as I am alive, I know you will never let a single threat come towards me. I know only you can support me in all walks of life. I am so blessed to have you as my lovely life partner!"


"You are the shining star, the soft teddy bear, and the apple cake of my life. Life without your presence is nothing more than a dead affair.


Not a single moment comes when you leave my heart and the mind. My every breath comes out with your name and my closes eyes dream only about you. Love you so much, my crazy life partner!"


Caring Life Partner Status

 "The way you take care of me like a baby makes me forget all the worries in my mind. Having such a caring life partner like you is a matter of pride for me. Love you, my life partner!"


"Every page of the book of my life you can read in my eyes. And all the chapters talk only about your love and care. I will never give up on your love."


"You don’t need all the worldly treasures when you have a life partner who can fight against the entire world for you. He/she is the real treasure you must cherish till the end."


"The relationship with a life partner grows when you shower unconditional love and make unexpected sacrifices for each other."


"A lively and quarrelsome relationship and life partner is way better than the perfect and boring one."


"If you can’t stay trustworthy to your partner, at least don’t hurt him."


"A caring life partner always loves you more than himself and can sacrifice his life for the sake of saving the relationship."


"Genuine care by your life partner is way greater than the fake concerns of 1000 close people."


"The basis of any unflinching and strong relationship is unsolicited care and affection for each other. I am glad to have you as my better half!"


"The sign a loyal and caring life partner -- He never judges you on the basis of your messed up past. He loves you for who you are."


"In a relationship, money is never the reason for its fall down. It’s the lack of care, concern, and affection that hampers the growth of a relation."


"It takes nothing to leave the person you love. However, It takes everything to nurture the years of relation and maintain love and reverence for each other. I love you, my life partner!


The day people start giving preference to the nature of a person over beauty is the day everyone can see the glimpse of god in their partner."


You are The Best Life Partner Status

"I am content, blissful, and financially stale today because of the support, care, and guidance of my lovely life partner. You are the best one I could ever have."


:Don’t wait for the special person to arrive. Just fall in love with the right person and he/she will automatically become special for you. Hey sweetheart, you are the best life partner I could ask for."


"You share everything with me, be it your personal matters, income, love, or hurdles. The transparency you maintain in the relationship is the reason there is no envy and grudges between us. Thank you god for giving me the best life partner!"


"I ask for little things and you shower the entire world’s happiness on me. You are an angel in the form of a life partner with me."


"In a quest for finding myself, I found the best life partner that I would never leave at any cost. Thank you darling for sprinkling happiness and smile in my life."


"The best type of relationship is when your life partner also becomes your best friend. It is the ultimate form of relationship you can have with your life partner."


"Find someone who can share everything with you even when he has nothing. The greatness lies in giving when you have nothing to give. I love you, my sweet life partner!"


"I always wanted someone who is ready to share all the highs and lows of life. Luckily, I got you who give me joy but take all my pain. You are the gist of my life, lovely life partner."


"The strength of any relationship is determined by how strongly your partner backs up when someone is bitching about you and when you are in a tumultuous situation."


I also to spend every moment of my life with you because you make every moment so ethereal and magnificent for me. Cheers to the best life partner!

30+ Emotional Missing School Life Status for Whatsapp

Missing school life status for whatsapp

One good thing about school life; it gives us a lot of enchanting and unforgettable memories. One bad thing about school life; it ends. Be it the first day of school or the last one, every single moment you spend inside the four walls of school seems like a golden one. A great school not only molds your future but also gives you a lifetime of friendships, memories, and a vision.

Are you missing your school days badly? Do you want to reminisce about the last day of school with your school buddies? If yes, these missing school life status are created to refresh your school time memories. All the below stated school life status will evoke sweet old memories of school time and make you nostalgic.

School Life Status for Whatsapp

The reason why school life is considered as the best time of life is because it is free from worries, competition, and rat-race. I badly miss my school days!

Savor your school life days as much as possible because once they are gone, you will never be able to relive the golden days of school time and childhood. I love my school life!

The memories of school days will make you cry when you will get stuck in the cut-throat competitive world. School life is simple, joyous, and free from envy and tribulations.

Those boring classes of mathematics, the excitement of attending games period, teasing from the backbench, what lovely days those were. I miss my school life like hell!

Only school life friends remain your best friend till the end because the crazy things you do with them cannot be done with any other friend. Missing my lovely school days!

Even the scolding of school life teachers seems like a lullaby today. I wish I could get one more opportunity to get those sweet scoldings from my school teachers.

Life is not fair at all. At one time, It gives you the sweetest memories in the form of school life. Contrary to that, life also throws you into the pitfall of adulthood which is unbearable.

I cannot never forget my school days when teachers used to call parents to praise my efforts. I can never forget those school days when we used to stole lunch from other students' tiffin boxes. Missing school life!

I didn’t know the day like this will come when you reach home exhausted and no one will be there to ask you for a glass of water. In my school time, my mother knew when I would come and prepared soft drinks for me. Missing good old school life.

In my school life, I never ever thought about win or loss, first or last, mine or theirs. Now, all I am running after are first place and money. What life has become for me! I wish those glorious days of school life could come back again!

Missing School Days Status

The humility, knowledge, education, and innocence you learn in school, you will never learn anywhere else in life. Live your golden school life days as much as possible.

The memories of teachers giving punishment and bunking classes to eat in the school’s canteen are still engraved well in my mind. There is nothing more cheerful and happiness giving than a fulfilling school life.

The irritation of doing school homework in summer vacation, the thrill of getting out of the house and playing with friends sneakily, those school time memories still touch me deeply. I badly miss lovely school days.

There was a time when I used to act sleepy so that I don’t have to go to school. Now, I have to sleep so that the sweet memories of school time don’t make me cry. Missing school days!

When I was an immature kid, school life seemed nothing more than a stringent cage. Now I am completely independent and free, I eagerly want to return to my school life again.

I still cannot forget the path that took me to school. I cannot forget the school where I spend the best days of my childhood. If God allows me to ask for a boon, I would love to relieve my school days again!

If you haven’t taken umpteen naps while attending boring maths classes, you haven’t lived your school life to the fullest.

School life does end but the memories and bonds you create in the school, never. I have spent some of the best moments of my life in school.

School is perhaps the only place where you enter and exit with tears in your eyes. My heart still wrenches when I remember school time memories.

Once you are out of school, you will even start missing the boring lectures and school prayers you used to do in the scorching summer heat. Leave no stone unturned in enjoying your school life.


Last Day of School Life Status

On the first day of school, I cried because I was leaving my parents. On the last day of school, I cried because I was leaving the place I loved the most. The last day of school is quite difficult to pass.

"Every good thing comes to an end so does school life."

My experience of life says that some of the hardest goodbyes you made in life are from school life. I wish the last day of my school life never ends.

No matter how badly you hate your school life, the last day of school will always makes you cry. I am going to miss my school life, teachers, and friends.

This is the first time I want to fail in the examination so I don’t have to face the last day of school.

Not many students have an idea in school life that the confined walls of the school actually make their future.

On the last day of school, the thing that you will remember the most is the crazy memories you have created with your best friends.

In high school, I feel so isolated in spite of having so many people around me. But in school, there was not a single scope of loneliness hitting you.

Now I am saying goodbye to my school, even the long-lasting home works and punishment have started seeming like rewards. How quickly life changes your perspective.

If I could produce some real magic, I would like to invent a clock that can stop time on the last day of my school life. I am going to miss my friends and school life hard.