Thursday, 8 July 2021

60+ Lager than Life Beer Puns for Instagram

It is next to impossible for us to not create puns on the favorite beverage in the world - Beer. A pint of beer can turn two harshest enemies into close friends. A conversation over a glass of beer can produce ingenious and life-changing ideas that you couldn’t find alone. While holding all the love and respect for the beer, we have carved some of the most bar-raising beer puns for Instagram and beer puns ideas that are lager than life.


Beer Puns Ideas


1. You are responsible for your actions. Now beer the consequences!


2. I don’t like group hugs. I like group chugs.


3. One has to make his reputation as lager as possible.


4. No one can beer the spine-chilling cold of the Antarctica.


5. Brew it, let’s do it.


6. With your great performance, you have raised the bar higher for everyone.


7. What’s that one thing a person can do perfectly after drinking a lot of beer? Wobbling


8. If you keep doing this, I will wallop you for sure.


9. All you care about is the pub-licity of your organization.


10. This re-pub-lic day I am going to take a pledge to keep my city clean.


11. Where there is a will, there is a bar. And where there is a bar, I surely drink.


12.  He has the guts to go ale (all) alone in this scary place.


13. What’s the point of living lager if you don’t have a big heart?


14. I don’t like to roast that’s why I prefer to toast beer.


15. Because of excess beer I have started having deja-brew.


16.  You have no right to con-pint me in this place without my consent.


17. He is one of my best suds since my high school days.


18. Don’t trust him. He is a big-time hop-purtunist.


19. No matter how hard I work, all my efforts go in vine.


20. For beer lovers, Beer-stagram is more preferred than Instagram.


21. I wish you were beer with me in my bad times.


22. I don’t do thumbs up. I do bottoms up.


23. Happiness is an age-old concept. I chase hoppiness.


24. Beer lovers have one advantage over whisky and wine drinkers. They don’t have to rely on openers.


25. Whatever I have brewed in my life, I have brewed it for you.


26. I don’t like salty babes. I like malty babes.


27. What is the most heinous crime that can happen in front of a beer lover? Spilling of beer.


28. Cheers come from my eyes when I heard her struggle story.


29. In animals, I find rein-beer quite fascinating and feral.


30. Life is so brewtiful when you have a carton of beer by your side.


31. He has heard everything clearly from beer to beer.


32. As they say, a beer a day keeps the drinker’s alive.


33. Listen dear, I barely have any hops from you. For me, you are non-existent.


34. You pint me so hard. It’s still hurting.


35. I am the kind of person who can malt according to every situation.


36. I am so afraid of Heineken (hurricane)predicted by weather department.


37. Name a beer who can be a good friend and intelligent as well? Budweiser.


38. I am Tuborg (too-bored) to try anything new in life.


39. Your beer (sheer) power is required alone to bring the needed changes.


40. Kissing a hot girl is similar to chugging a damn fine beer in one breath. Both are love!


41. I am stout (about) to start drinking. Do you wanna join me?


42. In my opinion, the biggest hero is someone who never wastes a single drop of beer.


43. To foster your career growth, you must focus on studying seriously.


44. Do you think I am not ca-pub-le to pass this simple examination?


45. He is one of the finest bar-rister I have ever known.


46. I don’t like people who vine all the time. I like people who drink beer and dine fine.


47. Beer is perhaps the only beverage that doesn’t give you the feeling of drinking a beverage. It’s a universal drink.


48. Why mathematicians don’t drink beer while solving a complex integral problem? They can’t drink and derive.


49. How to make sure your husband babysit on Friday without going out with buddies? Give him a case of beer.


50. Beer…because it won’t make you whine about anything.


51. Roses are red, the sky is blue, hold my beer, and let me loo.


52. However says happiness cannot be found in small things hasn’t held a pint of chilled beer till yet.


53. Last night, I drank so much that I puke ale on my girlfriend!


54. You can’t please everyone, you are not a beer.


55. Without a stout, beer is the best beverage of all time.


56. I was so drunk that I read Vincent Van Gogh as Vincent vine Gogh.


57. There is always two suds (sides) of every opinion and situation.


58. A person should be like a pint of beer. Chilled all the time.


59. If God doesn’t want us to drink beer, he wouldn’t let the man create it in the first place.


60. I said yes to the marriage because of beer (peer) pressure.

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